The Fool

So Who's the fool?

Well I am :)  My name is Robb Bryn and I am one of the core founders of Cape Fear Webmasters, Inc. a web development firm with 14 full time employees in Wilmington NC. In 2009 we committed ourselves to produce every website on the DotNetNuke Platform (not because we love it... our customers did - and our customers rule!). Since then I've spent every day over the past few years exploring the DotNetNuke community. Now I'm going to hang myself out there and start giving back. 

What gives me the right to review modules?

Well, lets start with the 200 or so DotNetNuke community sites we've deployed since January of 2009.  I could mention that I buy on average one new module a week on Snowcovered and have tons and tons of different modules in our module library.   Either way you look at it I'm not saying I know it all... just that I should just share my thoughts on all the modules that I look at, download and try out every day.

About my reviews...

I don't pull punches or beat around the bushes.  Although my wife reviews every post before put it up here (she checks to make sure I'm not a total jerk), each review is unfiltered and what *I* think of the product.  It's by no means a comprehensive or in depth review and I realize that products change over time as well as the needs for each client.  I'm trying to provide a basis for saving you time or just my 2 cents to help you decide on the best module for your needs.  Take them with a grain of salt and always take the time to check out products first hand if you think it might fit your needs.

Want me to review your module?

Sorry I don't take requests.  My first task is to get through the modules I am trying to get answers to myself, then I'll be moving through the modules we use the most... from there my plan is to review new modules as I purchase them.